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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> ending syria's bloody conflict proposals. >> hello i'm julie mcdonald. also coming up. u.n. will soon begin a resolution calling for an international investigation into the downing of plight mh 17 over eastern ukraine and the afghan taliban denies claims that their leader mullah omar is dead.
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>> a warm welcome to the program. presenting a new proposal for political solutions to end the civil war that has been raging for four years. the new proposals have been made while keeping the syrian people firmly in mind. he began his briefing of the u.n. and ban ki-moon said that 250,000 people have been killed since the war began. ten million people have been forced from their homes becoming displaced within syria and refugees elsewhere and then added atrocious crimes are an almost hourly occurrence.
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>> the u.n. is obliged to not leave any stones unturned. discussions are taking place and we're hearing them around the region and elsewhere that may require perhaps more time and may be linked on developments. the syrian people are being given a chance, they told us to be deeply and intensely consulted, after all we always say this is a syrian led syrian involved well, this was their opportunity. >> amid serious funding difficulties the united nations continues to provide life-saving support to billions of people.
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second we must keep pressing for a political solution. the price of continuing the this is too high. in the name of humanity there is no alternative than going to the negotiation table. >> they tried high level international conferences. they tried face-to-face peace talks. what we've got now is a much more modest proposal, a series of working groups of syrians to discuss some of the issues. why is that one you heard him talking about it there. there are other things in the region. they believe they need time for those to play out in order to have the opportunity to have attacks down the line now those
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things going on in the region, some of them are the military situation on the ground where president assad is losing some ground and the thought is that if he continues to do badly on the battlefield his government may be more willing to compromise at peace talks. there is also the iran nuclear deal it now has to be ratified by some governments now that the deal is done they can now take these arguments to the u.n. iran. >> now we go to the u.n. where a moment of silence has been held for those who died on board mh 17. they're going to be discussing, or investigating whether to have a vote on what happened. let's listen in. >> i invite the representatives of australia belgium canada,
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ireland, israel, italy the netherlands, philippines romania, ukraine and vietnam to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now continue its consideration of item two of the agenda. members of the council has before them documents 1-2015-562 the text of a draft resolution submitted by australia belgium canada france, germany ireland, israel, italy malaysia malaysia lithuania the netherlands, new zealand the philippines, romania spain ukraine, united kingdom of great
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britain and northern ireland and the united states of america. you now give the board to those members of the council who wish to make statements before the vote. i give the floor to minister of transport of malaysia. >> thank you. the draft restitution before the council today is being reviewed by malaysia in joining the team git on the downing of airline malaysian airline flight mh 17. it is on their behavior and behalf of my own delegation that i take the floor to explain our position.
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a year ago on the 17th of july the international community was shocked by the downing of the civilian aircraft flight mh 17 in eastern ukraine. the council was united in immediate reaction by adapting resolution 2166 by consensus. that resolution condemned the incident calling for a full independent investigation in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines. calling on all states and actors to cooperate fully in the international vision and demanded that those responsible be held to account and the efforts to establish accountability. since then an independent
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investigation has been conducted in full compliance to convention and guidelines. the investigation has been led by delegations in the state of it occurring that is ukraine. there have beeners peters from various countries including australia, france, germany, the russian confederation italy ukraine, the united kingdom and united states of america. along side but separate to the air safety investigation the law enforcement of australia belgium malaysia, netherlands and ukraine have been cooperating in a joint investigation team to look into the downing of mh 17.
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the team investigation has been under taken to implement the council's call resolution 2166 for a full independent investigation into the incident. the united nations has expressed confidence that an investigation has been carried out in line with the international standards standards. on the one year anniversary of the downing of mh 17, u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon welcomed the investigation in accordance with the solution 2166. we have expressed support for the ongoing international investigation. a year ago it is now timely for the council to make clear and decisive action to demonstrate
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its political will and determination to reach accountability of the senseless killing of those on board mh 17. that is why today on behalf of the countries participating in the investigation team, malaysia is requesting the council to take action on the draft resolution it is important for the security council to take clear under chapter 7 of the united nations charter against those responsible for the downing of mh 17, and send a clear message, a very clear message to the growing number of non-state actor we believe to target civilian aircraft that such attack are unacceptable.
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thus the establishment of international tribunal by the council would send a clear message that international community is committed to taking action against those who bring insecurity to civil aviation. it would maximize securing the international cooperation with the tribunal. mr. president, the establishment of the tribunal prior to the completion of the criminal investigation would also insure
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that this establishment is as politicalized as possible and it is consistent with the security council's own practice in relation to other criminal courts and tribunals regardless of who the perpetrators were, we want to insure that the arm of justice will reach them and that they will there will be no impunity. there will not be impunity. more over, it would insure the charges and prosecutor and provide full power to the prosecutor to carry out his or her own investigation. mr. president, malaysia with the countries participating in the jit, has been engaging with all council members for their support for the resolution.
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we've helped consultation and draw resolutions and statute within the council and engage in expensive outreach effort both in new york and in capital to explain to address the possible concern concerns of the six supporting countries and a grieving nation. we wish to appeal to all council members to bear in mind the call for the justice and accountability by the victim's families and loved once and the council's promise to insure accountability in resolution 2166. remember we have must demonstrate a clear signal against impunity.
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the families and loved ones are the victims of mh 17 would expect no less from us. we ask the town to support our initiative. our hope is that they find some comfort not only through united support we have demonstrated here in this security council but more importantly in a taken by the united nations security council on these resolutions. for this reason malaysia will vote in favor of the draft solution resolution. we urge all council members to do the same. >> i think his excellency thank
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his leniency excellency for his statement. >> if you're just joining us here on al jazeera, we've been listening to the u.n. they're going to be voting in just a second whether to investigate the malaysian airlines plane that went down over ukraine a year ago. we heard from the malaysian minister of transpore transportation say that the investigation is the only way for the long arm of justice to deliver justice for those families. well they're going to vote in just a second. let's go now to kristen saloomey who is in the united nations in new york. we heard emotive arguments what is likely to happen? >> well, they're voting right now, julie, and i'm watching the hands go up. i'm not sure of the count here but russia, as expected, has vetoed this resolution calling
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for an international tribunal to investigation--to prosecute whoever is found responsible for the downing of this plane mh 17 which happened just over a year ago. we just heard the malaysian transport minister speaking on behalf of the investigative team currently looking into to who is responsible, laying out a case for that team as to why they think it is necessary for the security council to set up a tribunal. they say that the victims of this crash and their families, they want justice. they're demanding justice and they think that the most unpolitical way if you will, to go about that is to establish a tribunal right now. i'm also seeing now that china venezuela, and angola abstained from this vote. we had a vote on a resolution to set up a tribunal to prosecute the per operators. the perpetrators have not been
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named at this time. that investigation is expected to go until the end of the year. most of the western countries on the council certainly supported this resolution. russia vetoed it. russia has said that is premature, and that it is counter productive. russia has been critical of the investigation saying that it has not been transparent that it has not upheld international standards, and we heard the malaysian transport minister making a case against the russian government saying that in fact, it had complied, and the u.n. had come out on the side of this investigation saying that it was complying with international standards. that in order to find justice for the victims it would be necessary now to begin the process of setting up this tribunal. a tribunal with powers to subpoena and to to be tried in
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an international forum. but it has just been voted down by russia. >> lots of foreign ministers came to the u.n. for this vote. does that tell us for them this was pretty significant even though of course russia did what it promised to do and veto. >> i think this is a sign of how important this vote was for these countries. you have the foreign minister of the netherlands australia ukraine sent their foreign ministers these are countries directly involved in the incident. australian citizens were killed, dutch citizens were killed. they were the majority of victims on board that plane. and they wanted to put as much
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pressure as possible. they know that this resolution has been circulating for a while. but they said they were not going to support it, but a full court press to use a sports analogy here in the united states was put on the russian officials to try to get their backing for this, but they didn't budge. >> kristen saloomey with an analysis interest. let's go back and here more from the mayalation the malaysian transport minister minister. >> we would continue to address any concern that they might have to pursue the justice and accountability for the m 17.
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wrest17 rest assure we will never give up. we have to doing something. doing nothing is not an option. we must move forward with renewed sense of purpose it's the loved ones who come on for justice and accountability. >> i thank the prime minute minister for his statement. >> we would like to clarify again, extending our families to the deceased those citizens were
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on board. this flight that crashed until the 17th of july. promoting the achievement for concrete action. russian delegation has done everything in its power. they have insisted on inincludedding the necessity to conduct comprehensive in-depth international investigation in keeping with the guiding principles with the leading role played. furthermore we're opened to the resolution on which there will be continued access to the crash area by the jit.
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on the basis of financial agreements there have been additional time. we insisted of the inclusion regarding the major activities directly adjacent when the authorities human laterally declared the cease-fire. as a result of which the jit was announced to suspend its work for a lengthy period of time. russian experts pursuant to the convention of international civil aviation transferred all information which was requested from us. including the air traffic
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control system. following the disaster in which they fully--namely that the flight was shot down by air ground type of missiles.
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>> we have proposed to provide qualified experts and equipment to conduct complex work, analysis that will enable us on the basis of analyze to determine what type of missiles which brought down the plane in ukraine. it is carried out by members in a closed fashion. this was an' aggressive backdrop in the media. when the causes of disaster those guilty of the disaster and
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are named by certain leaders and named by a number leaders that formed the jit. russia has the only country that provided for comprehensive assistance to be brought to the assistance of assistance of the united nations. we would have promoteed genuine transparent investigations. however, this proposal of ours was not accepted. it was also unfulfilled was the secretary general resolution 2166 to summit to the security council for consideration a comprehensive set of options for systems to be brought by the united nations during investigations. something was prepared outside of the security council, we have security draft of the security
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council, resolution on chapter seven opposition that this is premature it has not been elaborated carefully, something that went unheed: we came up with an alternative draft resolution aimed at insuring that we fully harness the potential resolution 2166 and ensure an international independent nature for the investigation. to achieve this objective we revisited the legal mechanisms of bringing those guilty to justice. we would like to underscore the document by us remains on the table. the ideas which we continue to deem topical. we have repeatedly stated we do not back the idea of a creation of a tribunal. there are no grounds for this. it is difficult to explain how
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the vents which took place which a year ago were not deemed to be a threat to international peace and security now all of a sudden have welcome just that. in principle issues of organizing traditional prosecution does not fall amid the security council. there were very well-known exceptions. >> we're listening life at the united nations we know that russia has vetoed the establishment to prosecute those responsible for the downing of mh 17. we've been listening to russia's arguments why it didn't listen to this tribunal. let's go to kristen slaomey. what reasons is russia giving against the tribunal? >> julie we're hearing them contradict the malaysian transport minister, who described the investigation that is going on as fair, impartial backed by the united nations. the russian ambassador said that
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there are serious issues with these investigations, and it lacks transparency. russian experts have been denied proper access to some of the investigating techniques that have been going on, they have supplied data. they have not gotten responses to the information they supplied and so on. russia is complaining that the u.n. has not been involved enough in this investigation. he said that they were calling for a special representative to be appointed that would insure more impartiality why the investigation. that has not happened. he's also been very critical of the media accounts of what has happened and he blames western officials as well for accusing russia of backing the straight separatists and providing weapons that could be used to chute down the plain. a litany of events that we're hearing from the representative of of russia.
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he pointed out that russia submitted alternative resolutions. but what he didn't say was that it included the tribunal, which is the whole point of the joint investigative task force is looking for the whole point of the resolution that they asked the security council to vote on to find a mechanism to hold the perpetrators accountable once they get to the point of naming those perpetrators, which has not happened yet but the russians seem concerned that they have been targeted by this commission. >> kristen, we don't have long. what happens now? are these countries want to find out what happened, are they left simply with the investigations that are already ongoing? >> well, you heard the russian ambassador say that they believe there shudder justice and the perpetrator should be he will accountable. but the question is how will the international community manage to do that? at this point we just wait and see what the committee finds out, and then the next step will be to try to find a mechanism to
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prosecute those that they think are responsible. >> kristen saloomey, thank you. we'll have plenty of analysis in our programs, and there is more at bye bye.